The Trouble With the Turing Test -- and other news of the week

Best bot bits of the weeks, September 22, 2018

September 22, 2018

If (real) guys (on Tinder) can pass the Turing test, so can machines. Here's a few more tips and tricks you should be aware of this week.

Comment Jam fait parler son chatbot et intègre les marques


En Français, no less.

Jam est le premier chatbot français avec 500 000 utilisateurs.

Why Businesses Can’t Afford to Miss Chatbot Development


Here are yet more reasons your business should build fine chatbots.

Business is all about reaching relevant audiences. But conventional means make it difficult to analyze and predict customer interests and preferences.

WestJet Adds Chatbot For Customer Convenience


Chatbots are flying under the radar, so to speak.

The bot is available through Facebook Messenger and is named Juliet. It is available in English and French. Juliet’s goal, WestJet said, is to easily allow travelers to manage the trip, including flight booking and day-of-travel information.

Machine Learning Blog


How much can, or should a bot be allowed to learn? What is learning anyway?

Recent developments have accelerated the application of machine learning technologies across a wide variety of fields, from self-driving cars to AI-guided disease detection. There was a palpable sense of excitement around the profound and untapped capabilities of AI among the teams that participated at this year’s Imagine Cup.

Wow! This Bot Passed the Turing Test by Simulating a Dude on Tinder


It turns out hooking up is not that hard.

But surely, we ask, Chad can’t possibly handle the full spectrum of human interactions with its limited set of hardcoded responses? “Easy,” Turner says, a twinkle in her eye. “If it can’t figure out a response, Chad just ghosts the user.”



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