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Best bot bits of the weeks, September 8, 2018

September 8, 2018

"Hey, bot! I have a headache every morning. How do I fix this?" "Here's your answer, courtesy of Salesforce." Here's a few trends and tricks you should keep an eye on, according to our readers this past week.

Chatbot Development: Hire Top AI & Chatbot Developers



Every company should have a marketing/lead generation chatbot. Currently, bots are generating very high open rates ranging from 50% to 90%, CTR ranging from 28% to 48% and increased sales.

Artificial Intelligence — The End Of Everything Especially Your Job


The coming revolution will be nothing like the humanists envisioned. But will it really be such a nightmare?

The year 2050 the first AI appointed CEO, one would laugh at such predictions. The world is at the helm of the biggest revolution ever seen. From Musk to Zuckerberg there is a varied opinion about its impact.

Health Advise Chatbot Startup Visit Receives Funding From Salesforce


Salesforce is getting in the game.

According to a survey report by Oracle, it was revealed that about 80 per cent of the companies surveyed are interested in making use of chatbots within a period of next 4 years so as to take their customer service to another level.

When AI Conquers Emotion


Emotions = you.

The question remains how programmers will develop AI systems that interact with and react to humans fairly and responsibly based on diversity. For example, in February 2018 MIT’s researchers accidentally designed a facial recognition system that couldn’t recognise an African American woman because its team of white male coders had not been trained to do so.

Building a Multi-Lingual Bot on the Oracle Chatbot Platform


Yes, you can build high performance, language-aware chatbots using Oracle.

The Bot platform allows you to bring your own translation keys (Google / Bing) and the Bot can be configured to detect the language. The bot further converts the user input to English, intent recognition by the nlp engine kicks off, based on the dialogue flow the bot structures the response in English which is again translated back into the language in which the question was asked by the user.



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