Talk to and about bots -- and other news of the week

Best bot bits of the weeks, November 17, 2018

November 18, 2018

Say what you want, with a little help from you, bots can (almost) talk. Find out all that's going on in the world of AI, bots and chatbots with this week's best of the web.

A Conversational Design Primer

Conversation starters -- from a chatbot point of view.

This is the difference between early voice recognition systems and a natural language recognition system — the ability to go beyond sound and understand the underlying meaning in a customer’s request. It’s a complicated problem, which is why we needed artificial intelligence to solve it.

Teaching your bot to talk: How hard can it be?

Class of chatbots 2018.

Let’s get our hands dirty! The objective is to validate the aforementioned SotA architectures when applied to an enterprise scenario with the limitations it entails.

Building News Bot with Microsoft BotBuilder and News API

Microsoft's BotBuilder and the accompanying API are here to stay.

Introducing “ScottyNewsBot”. ScottyNewsBot is a simple bot that can deliver you top of hour news headlines from your favorite news sources. This bot is integrated to work in RingCentral’s Glip, which is a unified messaging and collaboration platform.


AI for your videos.

Audience insights with the power of AI. Gather actionable feedback for your videos in minutes.

Driverless Cars and the Search for True AI

The true, 'intelligent' revolution of driverless cars is upon us. Or is it?

Can cars drive without a driver? Explore the paradox of intelligence and why cars without a driver matter.



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