Scaling and Hacking Bots -- and other news of the week

Best bot bits of the weeks, October 13, 2018

October 14, 2018

The days are getting colder, but chatbots are definitely hotter by the day. Find out all that's going on in the world of AI, bots and chatbots with this week's best of the web.

7 Chatbot Discovery Hacks

And they shall know your bot by the trail of (digital) blood.

Don’t forget about the usual ways of doing things. How would you normally market an app, a website, or even a store? Whatever your answer, be sure to incorporate those same ideas into your bot marketing plan.

Scaling a Serverless Chatbot - Think FaaS Podcast

What if your bots were to take off and talk to millions? Go serverless!

In this, one of a series of Think FaaS talks recorded live at A Cloud Guru’s ServerlessConf in San Francisco, Botcopy Lead Developer Mike Sylvester tells us how he scaled a serverless chatbot for two million fans.

How Chatbots Helped Beth Make Over $400 in 2 Days

A little story of success, from where there's more going on.

I am still kind of stumbling through it and have to go watch the videos as I go, I also know there is SO much potential here I have yet to touch, but I’m definitely going to be focusing more of an intentional effort on BOT MARKETING because it is an essential and efficient way for me to grow my business!!

I replied to spam email by pretending to be a Russian bot. Here’s what happened

If you know what's good for you, you have to keep on pretending that everything bad must be somehow orchestrated by the evil Russians. Because... bots.

At this point, you may be thinking, “Well who cares, these are mostly harmless, mildly annoying messages. Your spam filters probably caught them and deleted them. No big deal!”

How Custom Bots can reshape your entire sales cycle

Start everything over. With the help of a customized bot, of course.

Chatbots really are the interface that help make that happen. Quite simply, bots are enabling a better way of working.



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