Personalize or die -- and other news of the week

Best bot bits of the weeks, September 29, 2018

September 30, 2018

Bots don't have to be cold as ice: warm up to personalized bot building. Here's a few tips and tricks you should take note of this week.

Human-Robot, Avatar, Virtual Assistant, Chatbot: Open platform as the best business model

Let it all sink in: open platforms can do magic.

It is hard to overestimate the vital role of geographical and industrial customization: the use of customized datasets, geographical specifics and functionality that will be relevant for different industries.

Ingredients to Build a Successful Chatbot

Details matter.

A common but highly unexpected mistake from Microsoft — you have a chatbot specifically made for India and yet the chatbot does not have the context of Indian time. Instead it seems to calculate in Alaska Daylight Time (not EST as has been mentioned in my tweet). Why so, Microsoft?

Tutorial: How to build your Facebook Messenger chatbot with

Don't kid yourself, Dr. Frankenstein.

Start by giving your bot a name: that way, you’ll be able to recognize it easily if you create several different bots. You’ll be the only one to see this name. For users, your bot will necessarily have your Facebook page’s name.

How to Collect User Data with a Chatbot

The best ways to scrape your visitors' data using a bot.

Chatbots are not only great at chatting with humans, but they can also help you collect user data, such as the user’s name and email. This data can be very useful for profiling your users, for re-targeting, and for creating tailored conversation flows for specific types of users.

Familiar Bot

Bots are keeping busy on Slack.

Every wikipedia article, all in one place. Slack! This bot part gives you the ability to search for the wiki on any topic. Just install this Familiar Bot Part on Slack. You can use DM, or mentions like "@familiarbot give me the wiki for Product Hunt". You can also use the included slash command: "/wiki Product Hunt". Happy searching!



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