Making the Most of a Chatbot -- and other news of the week

Best bot bits of the weeks, September 15, 2018

September 16, 2018

Oh my bot! So many balls to keep your eyes on at the same time, all the time! Relax: here's a few important tips and tricks you should be aware of this week.

Top 5 Fundamental Rules to Make the Most Out of a Chatbot


Two bots go to  bar...

Conceptualizing a high-yielding Chatbot requires sensible strategies so that they can deliver an amazing customer experience, add brand value, and differentiate the company in the marketplace.

The Role of Bots and AI in Project Management


Do you have a bot on your shoulder? Like a parrot to a pirate?

AI and bots are about reliably offloading a task from a human to a machine counterpart. AI is what makes machines intelligent, and a bot is simply the software that performs the task on the user’s behalf.

AI Based Smart ChatBot


'Smart' is overrated. Let the bots take care of it.

If a Human is interacting to the customer, then there are chances that a reply can be delayed, also if a customer is arguing then it may happen that it will hamper his emotions too hence resulting in the Poor Customer Service. This may lead to a decline in business reputation.

All You Need to Know About AI and Chatbots


The human touch with a bit of bot on the side, that's all you need to know about the recipe.

Not everyone enjoys talking to a bot. There is a debate going on about the extent to which chatbots can replace the ‘human touch’. For this reason, chatbots are an interesting subject for discussion in the context of the ‘Turing test’. A machine, such as a chatbot, which passes this test is able to mimic human intelligence. Are chatbots going in that direction?

Will AI take my job?


It will. Find another job, now!

So what is going to happen to our jobs in the future? Are we all to be made redundant? And, if so, does this mean a life of leisure, or one of rampant inequality, where the owners of the technology get richer and the rest of us live in poverty?



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