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Best bot bits of the weeks, November 24, 2018

November 26, 2018

Bots are learning faster than you are. How scary is that? Find out all that's going on in the world of AI, bots and chatbots with this week's best of the web.

Phone Calling AI Bot

Not sure why this half-baked article ended up being popular, but here it is:

I have started thinking about Chatbot. A Special Chatbot build for our infrastructure which can notify me - faster and allow me to solve a problem. Which i can access on my phone. Even solution should work without Internet.

Can chatbots learn how to respond?

Can chatbots learn? Will they?

Suppose you want to build a chatbot to answer questions of people with blood test appointments, such as, what to eat, where to go, how long it will take, and so on. How can you create a chatbot for that?

Fei-Fei Li's Quest to Make AI Better for Humanity

AI for the people!

It was no surprise that the legislators sought her expertise that day. What was surprising was the content of her talk: the grave dangers brought on by the field she so loved.

Why does Uber charge me more than my friend? AI and Dynamic Pricing

Say goodbye to price tags.

A pricing algorithm is a mathematical formula, where a given price is calculated based on several variables. A simplified example of a pricing algorithm could be this: the price of an apple in an online grocery store could be a function of the price of a banana in the same store (a substitute), the price of an apple in a competing store, and whether there is a lot of demand for apples (by looking at the number of clicks this product has received, relative to other products).

What is a social networking bot and how is journalism involved?

CNN beware!

Social bots have many specific jobs to do in different social media platforms. They can harm, and at the same time, they can help. Many journalists use it for research, while malicious bots can share misinformation to create confusion or hurt other people.



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