How Machine Learning is Bringing Sexy Back -- and other news of the week

Best bot bits of the weeks, August 4 2018

August 4, 2018

E-commerce is taking off, and there's a chatbot on board. Here are the most popular articles of the (last) week that you might have missed. Read, don't chat.

How Artificial Intelligence is reshaping Ecommerce?

It -- e-commerce -- barely started to take over the world, and now it's going to be reshaped. By robots, no less. Here's how:

The market of Artificial Intelligence is growing day-by-day for every type of industry, from eCommerce to financial, from Construction to education and much more. By 2025, AI market is expected to touch $35,870 billion.

How we built AI Chatbot Using JavaScript and ChatScript

Building a robot from scratch? Why not start with JavaScript? Here's how to do it.

When you extend bot implementation, it’s good to be sure that anything written before did not get broken due to the last updates (which actually occurs frequently, especially when the patterns you write are too general and can match not only inputs you’ve expected). For this purpose, CS has mechanisms to perform regression during development.

How to create a Machine Learning based ChatBot?

Machine? What machine? Oh... you mean computer!

To start creating the machine learning based chatbot for social media platform first collect the relevant amount of data from reliable sources. Once you get the appropriate data you can easily create the chatbot that will work on machine learning or AI-backed technologies.

Building Cyra: A personal chatbot for recruiters

Human recruiters may be a thing of the past. If a robot recruited you to build robots to recruit other humans, who are you going to call if you get in trouble with HR?

The conversational capability of the bot was designed using entity extraction and intent recognition techniques. The bot is able to easily identify meaningful information from a recruiter’s response using these Machine Learning capabilities, which is then used in evaluating the relevance of a person’s requirements before presenting the candidates that fit best.

Cheers' Innovative Chatbot Recognised at United Nations

The bots have joined the United Nations. The invasion has not only started, it's been approved by the highest human authorities. Go figure!

The International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) chose the Sober Self Bot – a joint campaign from Cheers! and ride service Uber – as part of the exhibition ‘Changing Attitudes’, which ran at the United Nations, in conjunction with the High Level Political Forum held recently with delegates from 20 United Nations Missions present, alongside more than 20 United Nations agencies. Read on...




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