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Best bot bits of the weeks, November 10, 2018

November 11, 2018

This week hottest? Sophia! Find out all that's going on in the world of AI, bots and chatbots with this week's best of the web.

CodeGen chatbot takes machine learning to new level

Be warned: this is a bit of a self-promoting article on machine learning.

CodeGen’s LIA chatbot uses the company’s own in-house AI technology platform – Sense – to speed its learning, rather than being based on basic third-party language systems such as Google’s or

Is your AI project a nonstarter?

If you are planning an AI project, you may want to check this article out.

This is a super-short version of my 18 minute monster Ultimate Guide to Starting AI. If you’re about to embark on ML/AI, here’s hoping you can answer “yes” to all of these questions.

How I met Sophia

She's bot.

The worse thing about the future is that it turns to be present.

10 data science and AI events for business leaders not to miss in 2019

Get off your ass and attend a meeting (or two, or ten) in 2019.

They promise to help you transform your enterprise into a data science powerhouse, all while getting to hang out in Manhattan… and who can resist that.

7 Reasons Your Chatbot Doesn’t Attract Clients and How to Fix It

Your chatbot isn't dead: it's just not that efficient.

What does a chatbot have to do? Start with goals you want to achieve with the help of your chatbot. Think out the strategy of interaction between a chatbot and your potential customers.



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