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February 20, 2021
How Can Small Businesses Utilize the Power Of AI?

AI, the next digital revolution is providing unimaginable possibilities to every sector of the industry. Be it transportation, information technology, hospitality, healthcare, and much more, AI is making entrepreneurs prepare for whats next to come and boost their business performances. As technology opens the door towards data and automation, opportunities are emerging from every sphere to build new insights on businesses of all sizes and shapes. This opportunity especially helps small businesses ...

February 20, 2021
AI Picture Restoration -- Free way to remove scratches, sharpen colors, and fix photos

Hi Product Hunters! We're excited to launch AI Picture Restoration. This service is free and automatically removes scratches, sharpens colors, and enhances faces. The deep learning model repairs both color pictures and black & white ones. We built on top of extraordinary open-source research from the Microsoft team led by Ziyu Wan and Bo Zhang. Our changes included performance, quality, and image enhancements that render the academic model more fit for production...

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