Cybersecurity and AI

A marriage in bits and bytes

March 10, 2020

In 2020, almost half of all corporate digital transformation projects involve artificial intelligence. Among those, the area that has invited the most attention is cybersecurity. It makes perfect sense: when people think of AI as part of automating marketing and analytics; they understand that it can be used to tighten security and prevent transgressions. Yet despite the rapid growth of the industry, many companies still do not recognize how amazing AI is when combined with cybersecurity. In fact, here are three ways AI can change cybersecurity forever.

Cybersecurity goes together with AI

Installing surveillance equipment. Checking emails. Fixing bugs. These are the daily activities of cybersecurity professionals. These tasks can be enhanced with AI. Although it is a difficult task, it can be done. The beauty of AI is that it works in the background, with no human intervention, in order to solve business problems and vulnerabilities. This means that a team can focus on their important business issues and high return activities, as opposed to maintaining security tools and waiting until problems arise. Instead, thanks to AI, businesses can work timely and solve problems when AI solutions require their attention.

AI can help improve security over time

Machine learning (ML) is an important branch of AI. In fact, ML is what most people think about this when they hear “artificial intelligence”. These are the algorithms that improve. Contrary to popular belief, they will not conquer the world soon; they will, however, take care of you meaningfully. These algorithms use past and present data to create decision models. ML models then suggest improvements based on the data it collects. This means that AI security software that take advantage of ML will be more effective the more you use it. You get great results with minimal effort. Who wants it? Who needs it?

On the surface, the combination of AI and ML is the antithesis of standard cybersecurity practices. In the latter, policies and regulations are unchanged, relegating them to the stone age as technology advances.

AI prevents problems before they occur

Most security problems are only resolved after they occur. Teams fight the damage that is already done and precious time is wasted on issues that could and should have been prevented. From this point of view, the AI ​​armor comes off like a shiny knight.

95% of cybersecurity is fighting a human problem: think of passwords, logging devices, and other honest mistakes. These things happen, right? Yet AI can train your team to alert internal or external models before they reach critical mass, in which case it is too late for prevention. Any company can save time, energy and money if it can handle security breaches before they occur.


We all know that cybersecurity is important. But some marketers keep this issue out of sight. They implement basic cybersecurity practices and hope everything will go well. This is where AI provides peace of mind and allow your organization to maintain security with less stress. Implementing AI in cybersecurity will create revolutionary changes in the industry. It will improve security over time and enable companies to address issues in advance.


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