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An intro to chatbots for businesses

February 24, 2020

It's hard to believe we're already in 2020. It may not be the space-age envisioned by science fiction writers of decades ago, but it's interesting nonetheless. We have cars that can park us, powerful computers like wristwatches, and robots that we can call our business auctions.

We're definitely talking about chatbots. If your business cannot use this powerful technology, everything is happening now.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs that simulate human speech and interaction. Users - including users - communicate with the bot via a friendly interface such as a messaging app and communicate in the same way they would with a human.

"Chatbots understand, process, and instantiate user words or phrases and provide a pre-set answer instantly," explains Botscrew. “They live on platforms such as FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Line, Kick, WeChat or your website. Chatbots have an application layer, database, APIs, and Conversational User Interface (CUI), just like standard applications. "

There are three basic types of chatbots:

Rule-based chatbots are simple. These bots usually give users the ability to click on buttons and use predefined options to work through the interaction. These boats are commonly used to qualify for leads and to lead people to the right solution.

Intellectually independent chatbots rely on machine learning to learn from the input or request of information users. These boats are trained to understand specific phrases, search terms and keywords. Over time, they become smarter and more useful.

AI-powered chatbots are very powerful and useful. They combine elements from rule-based and intellectually independent boats. They not only understand free language, but also have an unpredictable flow, which guides the user to the solution in an efficient and accurate manner.

Advantages of using chatbots

Chatbots seem interesting and useful, but how should businesses use them in 2020 and beyond? Here are four specific reasons:

Reduce customer service calls Is the call volume too high? Too many emails? Chatbots help you reduce the amount of customer service inquiries you have to field by managing time-consuming fruits.
Measure your size. Many brands avoid adding social media platforms or apps for fear that they won't be able to continue. Chatbots allow businesses to secure more touchpoints without being overburdened.
Reach Millennials. Millennials are researchers. They like to compare products and ask questions before buying. They also love to live chat through voice calls. Having a chatbot can reach these customers with less money.
Increase organizational efficiency. For businesses that waste resources on backend support, Chatbot is a great solution to automate and introduce capabilities.

These are just a few examples. Where you live, who your customers are and/or where you need help, you may find additional benefits or benefits for your business.

How to Get Started with Chatbots

If you don't have experience using chatbots, they can be a bit intimidating. However, getting started is easier than ever. Here are some things to note:
1. Consider your priorities

What are your biggest needs and priorities? Do not use chatbots to use chatbots. If you pull them into the mix, they will slow you down. Set your priorities and make sure you really benefit from them.
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2. Try Facebook Chatbots

If you want to get confused with chatbots and see how they work in your business, Facebook is the perfect place to start.

Facebook has chatbot features built into your Facebook business page. It works on the Facebook Messenger platform and allows followers to ask questions and receive answers.

“The idea is to automate the process of making human tasks faster and more affordable,” explains Active Web Group. “Conversations are via Facebook Messenger, so users can leave your page and continue their conversations. Chatbots can also send updates to users as they subscribe to your newsletter. This is a great alternative to newsfeed for nurturing leads. "

When you use and monitor Facebook chatbots, you will be more comfortable with how you can use them in your larger business activities.
3. Create your own

If you find chatbots to be effective, you can consider creating your own proprietary bots to popularize your website or customer service channels.

If expensive, creating your own chatbot offers many benefits. It allows you to fully customize the experience, create a unique personality and optimize it to suit your brand goals.

It all comes together

Chatbots can't do everything, but they can be very effective and useful in a wide variety of applications. When you are trying to improve accessibility, efficiency, and scalability, consider chatbots as an affiliate resource. Once you know how they work, you will have a hard time living without them.


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